Morning Meet Tomorrow! Rise & Shine, Splashers!

Happy Friday, Splashers!

A few reminders as you get ready for our first Saturday morning meet! 

* Warm Up Times:

- 9&10 7:00-7:10

- 11&12 7:10-7:20

- 13&up 7:20-7:30 

**From Coach Alison: Warm ups are optional for 8 and Unders. If your 8 and under would like to do a 25 prior to the start of the meet, please have them go to lanes 5 and 6 during the 13 and up warm up from 7:20-7:30.

-If you are not warming up, please still have your swimmer to the pool before 8:00 so they can get marked up and ready to swim. If you are not there before 8, you risk losing your spot in the relay.

* Parking lots are going to fill up FAST. Plan to drop your swimmer off and then find a parking spot. The parking attendants will be there to help guide you to find parking. If you are parking in the back lot, you MUST reverse into the lot and park rear facing at an angle as close to the fence as possible. 

*Snack Shack will be open and fully stocked with plenty of treats and beverages, as well as Lolita's La Tampiquena breakfast tacos. Happy to support our local cuerny food truck (located next to Valero)! We will also have free donuts courtesy of our platinum sponsor Holly McCormick of the hood and Realty Austin! 

* Check in with the volunteer table when you arrive! The volunteer table is located just outside of the pool gates by the snack shack. You will receive your badge and any other items needed for your shift. 

* T-shirt & Caps will be available right outside the pool gates. This is only for people who haven't picked up their merchandise already. I recommend putting your child's name on their shirt tag- as you can imagine they often get misplaced or switched with a friend!

* Clean up your area and put away any chairs. 

THANK YOU, Splashers!! It's going to be a great meet! 

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