Splashers Pictures and Mobile App Reminder

Hi Splashers Families,

Make sure to check our Meet & Event Pictures page periodically. 

We are lucky to have great volunteers, Whitney Kelly and Katie Kaufmann, taking turns capturing moments at each meet they can attend. They have athletes to keep up with as well, so they are just supplementing our own pictures. 

The "2023 Season" link will lead you to an index of meets/events listed in alphabetical order, so you'll just need to know which have taken place and click on those folders where you can view and right-click on images to download as you wish.

Also, a reminder to download the SwimTopia Mobile app on the App Store or Google Play

The live event/heat bar (to keep you informed on the meet status), upcoming swim reminder, and live results alerts (Pro Version) are dependent on good wifi strength, so use it as a guide, but also help your athletes be responsible for staying near their age group tents.

Note: If you don't have Pro, you can see results in the app once the meet is over and they have been transferred to our team website.

For details on what is free and what requires the Pro Subscription (mainly heat sheets, upcoming swim reminders & live results) - SwimTopia Mobile - Parent Features

Go Splashers!

Paige Hansen, Splashers Website

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