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Hi Splashers Families,

Your Website Master ;-) here...I want to clarify a possible point of confusion with using a Mobile App on meet day to track live results...

We use a product from SwimTopia to manage our team...all things that occur up until meet day (for now).

SwimTopia has a mobile app (by the same name) and there are many great free features our team can benefit from in general: 


Free Features Overview

  1. Notification Alerts from your team admin
  2. Easy access to Meet and Job Signup
  3. Public Meet Search
  4. Your athlete's Best Times
  5. Your athlete's History
  6. Personalized calendar view of upcoming meets and events
  7. Personalized Meet Overview for your family (including swim events and volunteer jobs)
  8. Post-meet Results for your family’s athletes
  9. Live Event/Heat Bar on meet days (to show event/heat progress)


However, our league has always used another meet management product to run the meets, which is tied to the Meet Mobile app, since SwimTopia did not have one until 2018. Live results during a meet are tied to the meet software being used.

This season, our league is trying out SwimTopia's meet mgmt software. It's suggested for the teams to try it, but not required. We did not use it for our Intrasquad, but I understand Barton Creek will be using Meet Maestro tonight (and LP, ACC, WW should also be). 

This will mean, SwimTopia's app will provide access to the live results if you upgrade to the Pro version (7 day free trial then 2.49/mo...cancel any time), but NOT Meet Mobile unless they are going to run it in both systems. You'll know pretty quick.

If you don't upgrade, you can't see the heat sheets, mark your favorite swimmers, get upcoming swim reminders so you don't miss your kid swimming (huge feature!) and real-time results. You'll see the results load when the meet is over and the data has been imported to our site.


Pro Subscription Features Overview

  1. Heat Sheets
  2. Heat/Lane Assignments and Estimated Start Times for your favorited athletes
  3. Estimated start times that update as the meet progresses (Adaptive Timeline)
  4. Upcoming Swim Reminders for favorited athletes
  5. Results notification alerts for your favorited athletes
  6. Live Results for all swimmers


The attached flyer has a QR code you can use to get to the App Store or Google Pay Store to download it.

USE THE SAME LOGIN AS ON THE TEAM SITE...if you have one. Use the lost pw option on our site if needed http://lhsplashers.com

Our team site is powered by SwimTopia. Download SwimTopia Mobile to receive Team Alerts for weather delays, signup for meets/events, and view volunteer commitments and swim results.

[SwimTopia Mobile - Parent Features]

See you at the pool!

Go Splashers!


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