Splashers Season Update

Go Splashers!

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to provide parents clarification on what our Splashers season will look like. Right now we are dealing with pool maintenance issues, and parts that are on backorder due to the snowpocalypse. The board is hoping repairs will be complete within 4 weeks. Sadly, this is why clinics had to be cancelled. 


  • April 18th (Sun) - Kick-off event from 2pm-4pm at the Lake Hills park. 
  • April 27th (Tue) - "Dry land" training begins! YES!! Coach Alison and her team will begin work on conditioning and team building!! See practice times here: https://www.lhsplashers.com/practice-times
  • May 4th (Tue) - Regular pool practice begins!! Fingers crossed!! 
  • May 7th (Fri) - Intrasquad meet (our team only)



LH Splashers will NOT be hosting other teams this season, so we will have 4 AWAY meets, 2 HOME meets (incl Intrasquad) with just OUR swimmers, and the All-Star meet. 

League safety protocols are being finalized. There will be hand sanitizing stations, limited # of volunteers allowed on deck, etc. Some teams will require mask wearing, mainly for adults. 

It is important to know that a few teams are considering breaking up their meets into TWO days (8 & under, 9 & up). For social distancing purposes, they might only allow one parent to attend the meet. Hosting teams have been asked to provide us this information 2 weeks prior to our meet so we can inform our parents. 



We are still determining specific volunteer needs for the 2021 Splashers season. However, we have an immediate need for a couple more *STROKE JUDGES, a STARTER (only at home meets), and PHOTOGRAPHER (only at home meets). 

Please contact our parent volunteer coordinator, Jenny Sullivan at [email protected] or 512-294-5670 if interested. 

*Stroke judge training on ZOOM are being offered on Sunday, April 25 at 4pm or Wednesday, April 28 at 7pm. Just a quick ZOOM call and you can be a HUGE help to the team!! 


This will be a Splasher season filled with some new challenges but we WILL find the JOY too!! While it might LOOK a bit different, it will be a FUN experience for our kiddos!! Remember, be KIND and give GRACE to others!!! 

Happy Splashing! 

LH Splasher Presidents Nicole Martinez, Joey Kilbane, Farrah Chelstrom


REGISTRATION: https://lhsplashers.swimtopia.com/registration-information

SWIM SUIT INFO: https://lhsplashers.swimtopia.com/splashersgear

SPONSORSHIPS: Purchase corporate and/or family sponsorships during registration for a one-stop-shop, or later from our store at http://lhsplashers.com/shop (Contact Farrah Chelstrom for more information - [email protected])

QUESTIONS?: Do not reply to this email. Reach out to the appropriate contact - https://lhsplashers.swimtopia.com/committee-member... or use our Contact form: https://lhsplashers.swimtopia.com/contact-us

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